• Process

    Now you can download your requested file from here.

    To download, your requested movie, you will need:
    1. uto0rrent
    2. t0rrent m0vie file


    Please go and download the required the files from the link given below. 
    • Download uTorrent from here >> click
    • select your movie URL from below list. 
    • After clicking on the URL, click on "Get this Magnet".

    • T0tal DH4AMAAL: https://bit.ly/2Ti7mDL
    • S0nchiriya: unavailable
    • SH4DES of S4AH0 2: unavailable
    • Golly B0y: visit here (available)
    • BADL4 (2019): unavailable

    And after downloading all the files:
    1. open utorrent
    2. give permissions
    3. go back to the home screen of your phone
    4. find and open your movie torrent file
    5. it will then open utorrent and will start downloading your movie automatically.

    Thank you for using our services! :)

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